Sep 23, 2011

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Mario Lopez Shares His Latest Get-Fit Secret

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Mario Lopez is quickly becoming a fitness guru and guide to eating healthy.

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The Extra host tells In Touch about his latest healthy living trick, Freshology, a system that uses "fresh, calorie-controlled meals designed for the purpose of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle."

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And Mario loves that it follows the same fundamentals he tries to include in his family's life. "What I like about Freshology is that it applies the same principles as my books, Extra Lean and Extra Lean Family, which is having a healthy balance of protein, fat and carbs in every meal. It helps you eat frequently through the day, and helps you practice portion control. And the meals are delicious!"

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While Mario jokes that baby daughter Gia has a hard time eating the meals - "She has two teeth, so she's limited on what she can eat!" - Gia's mother, Mario's girlfriend Courtney Mazza, follows the Freshology FreshMommy program. "She loves it as well," says Mario, "and in the whole house, we apply the 'extra lean family' principles like in my book, and Freshology goes hand in hand with them."

With such a healthy lifestyle, this family is sure to stay lean and mean! Check out Freshology.com to find out more about the nutritious and fresh home-delivery meal service, and how to get in shape while eating well!


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